Northern Potters Association

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The Northern Potters Association has been promoting studio ceramics and ceramic artists for almost 40 years, and currently has nearly 500 members, mostly in the North of England. NPA-E is one of 6 regional groups which organises local events and get-togethers in North, East and West Yorkshire.

Six members are showing their skills as part of the Ilkley Art Trail 2016, with examples of many different techniques and finishes.

With sculptural, functional and decorative pieces, there will be something to interest every visitor.








Barbara Wood

Sculptural and decorative hand built vessels and wall pieces saggar fired, or crystalline glazed

Dianne Cross

Slab built vessels and boxes reminiscent of West African adobe architecture and architectural details

Jill Christie

Finely wheel thrown domestic wares in a range of landscape colours using terra cotta clay

Kit Hemsley

Coastal textures, colours and forms are represented in clay coloured with oxides, stains and underglazes


Richard Smith & Eleni Tsakalou

Hand-made decorative and functional ceramics

Sylvia Holmes

Wall pieces using layers of texture, line and colour to produce evocative surfaces


Liz Holt

Sculptural vessels, boxes and jewellery using matt glazes, reflecting coastal landscapes and wildlife