Alan Carmichael

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2016 Art Trail


Alan is a freelance photographer based in Menston, near Ilkley specialising in business and commercial photography. Alan graduated from the University of Bradford from their inaugural photography degree.

One of Alan’s main passions is black and white landscape photography on medium format film; he believes the texture of the landscapes come through the monochrome format and its tones. Alan’s main influence for this type of photography is British photographer John Davies and his documentary landscape, social and environmental photography.

This project is a visual discussion of humans’ interaction within the landscape. This series of images, of which were all taken within West & North Yorkshire, ranging from the urban cityscapes to the rural landscape and how we live and have lived within it. From hand carved Victorian architecture contrasting directly with glass, concrete and steel through to Bronze Age stone circles and rural dams and reservoirs.

One element of these images is to show that no matter how far from the cities and towns you are, which are in perpetual change, you are never that far from civilisation and that almost everywhere has had some sort of human contact, either directly or indirectly.

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