Anna Turner

2017 Art Trail

My most recent work has made a move from sculpture to painting. These paintings still make use of themes I have used continuously in my practice mainly harmonies, contrasts and repetition but has also evolved into something much more colourful.

The line works are all painted in acrylics by hand with lots of patience and masking tape. The result is a very hard edge, but a subtle texture is created with the build up of layers at the edge of the mask and small glitches are evidence of their hand made nature. The colours were originally inspired by a trip to Mexico in 2014 and are much brighter than all my previous work.

I am experimenting with different surfaces and trying to create contrast by using materials such as hessian and linen against the flat layers of paint. Trying to create seemingly simple paintings that reward closer inspection.

I graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2013 after part-time study there as a mature student. I currently fit my art practice around full-time work in the Marketing industry. I have previously exhibited in Leeds, York, Harrogate and Dortmund (Germany).

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