Carol Gardiner

2017 Art Trail

I continue to develop ideas and skills with the initial drawing, recording of images and response to both natural and man made environment continuing as the main starting points.I enjoy looking at contemporary printmakers and also the stylistic work from 40’s and 50’s artists and printers.

I find that an idea, image will suggest a particular way of working, it may be embossed prints, more painterly mono prints, the mark making of drypoint or a combination of more than one technique. At the moment etching has taken a bit of a back step as I work on more immediate processes.

At the moment I am experimenting with collograph boards based on drawings and photos of a variety of unusual architectural features that I have found on walks. Concentrating on pattern, creating interesting marks and textures the prints boards are constructed from a variety of easily sourced materials.

I have also other themes moving forwards they mainly start with drawings and sometimes photos. At the present time I’m not ready yet to concentrate on one theme and technique and I hope that my enthusiasm for all things print will be enjoyed by others.

2016 Art Trail



After recently retiring from lecturing my first purchase was a small printing press. I have continually drawn, in numerous sketchbooks and classes and now have the opportunity to develop my ideas in print. Print gives me the scope to develop my interest in layers and patterns using different techniques.

My intentions are to eventually develop images through combining more than one process, this I have explored in series of mono prints of rivers inspired by Eschers ”Three worlds”.

I’m interested in how print changes drawings, the marks that are made using different tools, whilst being true to techniques that I am interested in developing. One of my favourite printmakers is Edward Bawden and currently I have been exploring the mixed media work of Mark Hearld. Inspiration comes from walks and everyday life, currently three themes on the go; pathways and woods, rivers and our allotment – drawing is more fun than digging.

Alongside my sketchbook I have found my mobile phone valuable for recording. I am working with copper sulphate etching processes, lino, water-based inks and ‘found and bought’ materials. Only exhibited locally but now retired I have time and energy to concentrate on my own work.