Sarah Harris

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2016 Art Trail     My work consists of limited edition screen prints that begin as pen drawings. A limited colour palette is used throughout, to enhance the line work, adding depth and interest through placement and use of tone. … Continued

Ruth Pullan

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2016 Art Trail     A satisfying realisation came soon after a leatherwork course at the Cumbria School of Saddlery a few years ago that leather was the medium I wanted to work in. It’s a slow, thoughtful, almost meditative … Continued

Richard Whitelegg

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2016 Art Trail     My silver range of jewellery is hand-crafted in my own small independent studio. I try to make smooth, elegant forms, often incorporating semi-precious stones into the work. I make ear-rings, rings, bangles, bracelets & necklaces. … Continued

Rich Bunce

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2016 Art Trail     I don’t understand everything I create. I create as a means to understand. I have been a freelance photographer and designer for over 10 years but my love of and for photography stretches back as … Continued

Paula Dunn

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2016 Art Trail     I am fascinated by light, colours, textures and shades; I enjoy experimenting with techniques such as impasto, the use of palette knives, the application of glazes. My primary interests when painting an image are to … Continued