Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg

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2016 Art Trail



Catherine both hand-builds & throws on the wheel: making fun, yet functional colourful ware, as well as smoke & raku fired playful animals. She often draws her inspiration from nature. As a child she lived next door to a small farm & used to tickle the piglets through the fence, she loved their playful, cheery ways – & likes to imagine things through `rose tinted glasses`, rather than what fate would normally hand-out!

Once a piece is thown on the wheel it is left until leather hard & then `turned`, to create the form. A small bird or animal may form the knob or handle.

She has shown her work at a number of galleries; Leeds Craft Gallery, Cupola, Biscuit Factory, Little Bird Gallery, Blossom Street Gallery, Biscuit Factory, Blascliffe Gallery etc & has solo & numerous group exhibitions

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