Denise Ledgerwood

2017 Art Trail

I was born in the North East where I did my initial Art training but have lived in Ilkley for most of my adult life.

I completed my post-graduate teaching year at Bretton Hall, home to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I have exhibited in solo, group and mixed exhibitions locally and further afield and have taught for Ilkley Grammar school, Bradford and Ilkley College and Craven College.

My work often starts life as a drawing. I draw to understand the subject then develop it in different materials. Much of my work is mixed media. I enjoy combining materials which don’t naturally go together to create rich textures and colours. I often work in layers building up and scraping back to achieve the finished image.

This year I have re-visited the theme of trees, a strand which has run through my work for many years and to which I keep returning. Alongside this I have been exploring tapestry weaving. I enjoy the way in which the limitations of the technique encourages me to think in abstract terms. At the moment I am experimenting with incorporating the non-traditional materials of wire and found- objects with the more traditional yarns of tapestry weaving.

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