Howard Gardiner

2017 Art Trail

Working from my home studio I am continuing to develop ceramic forms working in a variety of techniques. All my pieces are individual, each piece is a further development from previous designs enhancing the surface with clay slips and oxides, layering with texturing and finally finishing with oxidised glazes.

Many of my pieces are sculptural in content, some can be used functionally others are to be seen as forms. Inspiration comes from historical connections, Greek, Roman, Asian and C20th ceramicists such as Hans Coper, Lucie Rie and Gordon Baldwin.

I still enjoy and deliver classes in Leeds, hopefully inspiring students to continue with an interest in ceramic art. I continue to exhibit locally , f.o.a.k. Mill Bridge Gallery Skipton and sell through my website.

I’m currently developing press moulded, thrown and hand sculpted pieces in stoneware and porcelain,developing new surfaces and exploring different glaze techniques. Im continuing with developing agate ware from bowls into more sculptural pieces and also the effects of glazes on porcelain.

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2016 Art Trail



Recently retired from full time lecturing in the Arts. In the past two years I have been setting up a ceramics studio in Otley at Newhall Mews working in oxidised stoneware.

My work is based on a combination of thrown and hand-built processes. I produce one off pieces that are influenced by a variety of historical connections from Greek to Roman periods and references to twentieth-century ceramics that have influenced my work.

I am also interested in working the surface with slips and oxides, building up layers of texture to enhance the forms, all glazes are mixed from my own recipes. I like to produce groups of pots, whilst one offs still work together and play off each other. My work continually explores variations of different forms and experiments with new glazes and surface effect.

All pots are made from a sculptural clay body with a high content of “T” material combined with grog and sand. Turning final shapes and refining the forms plays a large part in my final pieces.