Jo Booth

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2016 Art Trail



My work uses a variety of media, and found photographs in particular, as its starting point. It is often preoccupied by a number of interlinked themes – amateur photography, class and popular culture for example, and sometimes refers to other methods of representation – such as photographs of paintings. Often I utilize my personal collection of unattributed amateur magic lantern slides as source material for my work – in general these date from around the turn of the last century.

Increasingly, I am interested in collage, and also, the points at which photography intersects with other types of art works such as sculpture, for example. My work is usually large scale and is generally presented unframed.

I am currently working with a group of photographers based in Manchester, taking ‘Fashion’ as our theme. Again, my interests here link to class and culture – in this case, street culture. I am also part of an artist-collective based in East Yorkshire, called Lightlines.

My work is inspired by personal experience and in particular, the years I spent working at the National Media Museum. I am keen on photography’s heritage and history, it’s diversity and accessibility and the way it intersects with our everyday lives.

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