Juliet & Jamie Gutch

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2016 Art Trail



Jamie and I were introduced around fourteen years ago by a mutual friend who thought that the two people he knew who both made mobile sculpture would probably have quite a lot in common! We have been married for ten years and have been producing mobiles together for many years.

Our mobiles, which we make in our studio at home in Ilkley, are made in a variety of woods: elm, sapelle, ash, sycamore and many more. We believe that mobiles are compelling in a number of ways, not least because they balance, move and interact in a multitude of unpredictable ways.

When we work on larger pieces for commission we work to a theme which is in some way relevant to the space where the sculpture will be hung. On these larger pieces (for example for John Lewis, West Middlesex Hospital, St. George’s Hospital, Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital among others) we collaborate with art fabricator Andy Langley and his team of specialist metal workers down in Leicestershire.

We work with jaggedart in London to exhibit our smaller scale wooden mobiles in the gallery and at various art fairs (London Art Fair, Collect at the Saatchi Gallery and The Art and Antiques Fair Olympia).

Jamie works at Ilkley Grammar School so I tend to design and compose the pieces and he does the final sanding and finishing. Many of his students would be fascinated to see him at 11p.m, mask and goggles on, poring over a small piece of wood as he hones it to smooth perfection!

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