Kathy Hammond

2017 Art Trail


In my art practice I use drawing, painting, print and mixed media in a range of subjects: landscape, beautiful seascapes as well as natural forms.

The serenity in landscapes, the ever- changing colours in seascapes, and the elegance and grace in natural form are worked into studies.

Mixed media art works use combinations of drawing, painting, print methods,and photography.  Surface, colour and mark making are important elements inn my work.

I also work to commission, painting your chosen landscape views in your chosen media, or portrait studies. Having had a long, successful career in art and design, at the BBC and YTV and also in teaching in schools, colleges and universities, I run short drawing and painting, printing and mixed media workshops, and am invited to work with and visit art groups.



2016 Art Trail



Having an MA in Printmaking, I create, prints, as well as drawings, paintings photography, textiles and mixed media I take inspiration from the landscape, seascape and from natural and man – made forms.

Some contemporary textiles and prints created are resulting from local historical research, e.g. the Washburn Valley (including traces; from the valley- it having had a large and thriving textile industry in the1600s and the subsequent building of the reservoirs – flooding over 3 mills, and derelict houses), and Fountains Abbey (e.g. the subtle thirteenth – century tessellated medieval tiled flooring)

I have exhibited art work in solo and group art exhibitions, in galleries such as the Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax; the Mercer Gallery, Harrogate; the City Gallery, Leicester; the Manchester Art Book Fair; The International Contemporary Art Book Fair; The Yorkshire Craft Centre, Bradford; South Square, Thornton (including collaborative projects); The Heritage Centre, Fewston; Fountains Hall, Fountains Abbey, Libraries, various other venues.

I have had a successful career in art and design (BBC /YTV, and teaching/leading many art courses F/T (GCSE/GCE/BTEC/BA) in schools, colleges and universities), I run workshops, art study days, and visit art groups.

Commissions undertaken