Kit Hemsley

2017  Art Trail

Originally from Whitby, Kit was inspired and taught ‘A’ level ceramics by Mal Magson, over 30 years ago. Finally acquiring a kiln in November 2015 she’s now able to explore her love of ceramics.

Kit creates forms influenced by a childhood on the coast near Whitby and by the clay itself. Her work currently falls into two distinct ranges and reflects the clay she’s using.
The Parian and porcelain work mirrors coastal textures, colours and forms. Clay is coloured and used to create movement in her pieces. The shapes are formed over rollers, cardboard or moulds.
Other work uses stoneware or Ashraf Hanna Raku clay to create very tactile forms based on shapes from nature and Neolithic stone carvings. Pieces are burnished, sawdust fired and waxed which gives the clay a very organic texture and patina.
Kit exhibited in her first year (2016) at:
Platform Open Arts Exhibition
Horsforth Walk of Art
Platform Gallery
Woodend Open Summer Exhibition
Kunsthuis, Balance in abstraction 3D (Competition finalist), and Shades of Clay exhibition
Ilkley Art trail and Art Studio Christmas fairs
Gallery Oldham
Ramsgill Gallery
Silson Contemporary Gallery
She was privileged to take part in Potters for Aleppo Facebook event.

Click here to see more of Kit’s work