Libby Jubb

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2016 Art Trail



Libby Jubb studied Jewellery making and 3D design at Bradford and Craven College and works from her home studio in Ilkley, where she is inspired from the nature from her garden and the surrounding landscape. She works mainly in silver using traditional silversmithing techniques and adds detail to the jewellery by using impressions from textiles, punches and hammers.

She specialises in working with wire, hand crocheting to make intricate pieces woven with semi -precious stones and pearls. Delicate flowers and branches are also made with wire and feature hand pierced silver birds.

Her latest collection is inspired by her involvement on a volunteer project to collect information on the cup and ring stones on Ilkley Moor. Motifs are embedded into rock textured silver to create a collection with an organic feel, where each piece is different.

She likes to work with customers to make something special for them, adding a birthstone or personalising the piece with words and names. She has worked with several galleries in Yorkshire and exhibited at shows across the country as well as running workshops. Her work is available locally through Nora’s Gift shop in Ilkley and online through her website

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