Linda King

2017 Art Trail


My artwork, however meagre or plentiful always reflects my souls journey offering a map of my psyche with all its twists and turns, triumphs and uncertainties.

The artwork submitted this year covers a wide time span, varied media and subject matter as I seek to integrate many aspects of myself at this point in my life.

Rather than a technician my interest is in responses to Life whether in the flesh as in Life drawing or as an expression of a vague desire or longing. In this respect it can feel like connecting with Ancient imagery which abides within the Collective Unconscious and is somehow familiar to us perhaps through myths, legends and spiritual traditions.

Clay and brush offer very different opportunities, the physical substance of the clay connecting me with both my own body and the Earth herself , its forgiving character also allows details to be easily worked , whereas brush and inks invite a faster more spontaneous response echoing the eternal moment and ever-changing nature of life.

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2016 Art Trail



Major life changes over the past few years have deeply impacted me requiring me to find different vehicles for the self-expression that is central to my work.

As an artist I see my role is to reflect and articulate something of our human condition and our soul’s ongoing journey including both the joys and sorrows, loves and pains, the light and the shadow.

Working three dimensionally with the clay is currently offering the most satisfying vehicle for this, the substance of the clay itself enables me to work with detail and form more easily than my two dimensional work which relies on trusting a spontaneous flow when it comes. The wildness and beauty of Ilkley moors and the surrounding countryside feeds and nourishes my soul , the ancient presence and solidity of the land and the rocks informs and influences who I am and who I am becoming; I am hopeful that I will again be able to express my particular relationship, reaction and love of the Land in some satisfying way , as yet I have sketch books filled with rapid drawings and half painted canvases, but maybe there will be some completed ones for the ArtsTrail!

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