Lisa Hinds

2017 Art Trail


I work in oil pastel, water, soft pastel,pencil and acrylic.

Outside my subject matter is whatever is in front of me mostly meadows and sea. Inside I work from my imagination.

Inspired primarily by movement colour and texture.

The work seems to have taken two directions. My ladies, and landscapes.

I work quickly and spontaneously from life or from my head and never work from photographs.
The medium is not what is not primarily important to me I could have worked in film, dance, music, or writing.

I have only scratched the surface.

When I was at the Corcoran School of Art most of my big work was performance art combining dancing poetry and music. I am excited to use my current paintings as backdrop for film, bringing in my previous training as a professional ballet dancer .

I am interested in how art interacts with everyday life and in urban planning and feel somewhat limited by images on canvas. This is why in future I would like to use the canvases as backgrounds with other mediums such as dance and fashion. I also plan to incorporate my collages into fashion magazines.

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