Mandy Long

2017 Art Trail

I was born and grew up in Devon, and have always had a great interest in art. However it wasn’t until 1999 when I moved to Leeds that I was able to pursue my passion for working in clay.

David Oxley was my inspirational tutor at Harrogate College where I studied Ceramics from 2001 to 2003. He introduced me to paperclay, the medium for my future work.

Both my sons were keen young footballers, and still are, and it is really through them that my love of ‘the beautiful game’ came to the fore. The passion and energy , the athletic grace and wide spectrum of emotions provided the inspiration for my sculptures. More recently I have also been widening the scope of my work to include, rugby, athletics ,climbing and contemporary dance which, for me, generates an electric excitement.

I work in paperclay which is biscuit fired to around 1000 degrees C and then raku fired in an outdoor gas kiln .

Some of the sculptures are free-standing , but many are set through glass allowing the figure to be caught mid-air. Much of my recent work is now wall mounted .

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2016 Art Trail



I am a figurative sculptor working in paper, clay and glass. My work explores movement in sport and dance, predominantly football and rugby and contemporary dance. The inspiration comes from the energy, passion and athleticism in all of these.

I like the irony that strong, even hefty, powerful sportsmen are depicted in incredibly fragile media.

The surface finish of my work is achieved with a raku firing; quick in ceramic terms, and whilst the areas to be glazed are defined by me, the smoke and crackle is down to the fire. This finish has a raw energy to it which feels in tune with the subject matter.

I have exhibited in Leeds Town Hall and at St James Park Stadium in Newcastle in conjunction with Leeds Rugby League, and my work can be found in seven galleries from Glasgow to Tresco!

I have recently exhibited work at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in partnership with Phoenix Dance Company.

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