Mark Butler

2017 Art Trail

Mark is a sculptor working mainly in bronze and steel, but also ceramic and other mediums. He is particularly interested in mixing media and exploring the qualities of different textures in his work.

Three main ‘series’ are being explored at the moment:

Map tiles – taking inspiration from old and new maps, the history of the landscape and the current usage of the area. Map tiles are modelled in a variety of media and incorporate found objects. These are then cast in bronze and set on a steel base. These are currently based on actual locations, but are developing into more abstract and imaginary forms.

‘Residencies’ – imaginary homes for unknown creatures. A series of unusual sculptures in both ceramic and bronze, split by rusted steel shelves.

Microscopy –inspired by microscopic images of pollen grains and also the organisms viewed by Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, the first microscopist. These sculptures make use of a wide variety of media and consist of both wall mounted and free-standing works in a wide variety of sizes.

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