Sarah Beedel

2019 Art Trail

There are moments when you look at something: a bird, the twisted form of its neck, a landscape full of contrast or the passing of the seasons, a gnarled face that shows a life’s journey and the passing of time – that alights emotions within you, whether it’s awe, peace, joy, interest or curiosity. These are the moments I love and want to share with others.

I relish the struggle to illustrate the form, structure, movement and three dimensional qualities that evoke these powerful emotions using a range of different and sometimes unconventional art materials. Exploring the ways these materials move, work together and can be manipulated and experimenting with the relationship between the materials and the subject that I’m developing.

My work is produced using mixed media (paint, pencil, print, collage, sculpture) in rich layers to recreate the beauty, uniqueness and form of the subject.

I am inspired by everything around me and many other artists. Two artists in particular influence my work. Piper’s buildings with their strong light source, colours and details, and Schiele’s amazing contorted images full of line work depicting the ruggedness and movement of the human form.