Sarah Harris

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2016 Art Trail



My work consists of limited edition screen prints that begin as pen drawings. A limited colour palette is used throughout, to enhance the line work, adding depth and interest through placement and use of tone.

I’ve always enjoyed the exploration of landscapes, especially around Yorkshire, and I combine this curiosity for my surroundings with my practice. I try to produce an image that brings you into the reality of that scene, whilst evoking a feeling of nostalgia and sense of discovery.

To start each piece I firstly I go out and investigate the subject with my camera, at the studio the image becomes a pen and ink drawing the same size as the finished print, which helps to retain the quality of line as the drawing is then used as a template for the finished piece.

Each print is hand screen printed using the finest mesh possible and each colour is layered individually and then matched up by eye to the next to produce the final image.

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