Sheila Maddrell

2017 Art Trail

Drawing has always been important in my work, whether from observation or from imagination. I draw imagery from the natural world, the human figure, my immediate environment and my imagination. I have a love of colour and texture and enjoy experimenting with ways of applying paint. Often this involves the use of mixed media. I am not interested in obeying any rules but rather in exploring materials and surprising myself. If the work ends up looking a bit mysterious I welcome that, in the hope that the viewer will interpret and respond according to their temperament. Always the abstract qualities in a painting are what I find most interesting.

Of the many influences I might mention those that come most readily to mind are Paul Klee, Ben Nicholson, Miro and Matisse.

As well as having an Art College education I trained as a teacher and spent some time teaching art in adult education.

I have exhibited at the Ferens Open in Hull, Bridlington Afternoon Gallery, Hull University, regularly with Ilkley Art Club, the Leeds Open exhibition and several years at the Leeds Art Fair.