Vanessa Plews

2017 Art Trail

I trained as a printed textile designer at Camberwell School of Art and subsequently worked as a designer in various London studios. I went on to explore felting techniques and am now making a diverse selection of handcrafted art works, jewellery, scarves and household textiles.

I produce all my own work in my home studio. Each unique scarf is created using silk chiffon, individually dyed with my own colour mixes, and pattern is then applied, using merino wool.

The expertise I gained working as a designer and colourist, is now applied to my own creations, for example my scarves. Having learned various fabric dyeing techniques, such as shibori, I now combine these techniques to create unusual variations of pattern, texture and colour.

My jewellery is designed from hand rolled merino wool beads, which form necklaces and bracelets. Silk chiffon and merino corsages complement the range, echoing the colours used in the scarves.

I draw my inspiration from all things botanical, especially floral forms, their movement and vibrancy of colour, which is an important aspect of my work.

I have frequently exhibited at Art in the Pen and more recently at Ripley Castle and at Harlow Carr Bath House Gallery.

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